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Our Warranty

Our manufacturer’s warranty guarantees your machine against any malfunction or product defect. It systematically applies to new equipment puchases and is valid from the machine delivery date.
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Haulotte Manufacturer's warranty

Haulotte Group designs, manufactures and sells a wide range of mobile elevating work platforms and telehandlers.

Our high standards ensure optimal productivity and safety.

Our components and machines tested for a 15 years lifespan !

Our components and our machines are tested for a lifespan of 15 years, in theoretical conditions to allow them to go as far as possible despite environmental phenomena (terrain, weather, operator's behaviour...).
What does the Haulotte warranty cover?
The manufacturer’s warranty covers your Haulotte equipment for components and workmanship. It systematically applies to new equipment purchases and is valid from the date of delivery of the machine.

Optimum, Compact
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Spare Parts
Warranty Period 5 years 2 years 2 years 6 months
Cost of the Parts
Transport cost of the parts*
Cost for returning defective parts*
Cost of labour* - -

* See our warranty terms and conditions.

Haulotte warranty 5 years scissor lifts

Unmatched reliability worth a 5-YEAR WARRANTY

Haulotte is the only manufacturer of lifting equipment to offer a worldwide 5-year warranty on its electric scissor lifts.

On models: OPTIMUM 8, COMPACT 8N, 10N, 10, 12, 14.

  • 5-year of 60 months or 1,500 hours
  • Including : Cost of parts, transport costs of parts, cost of returning, cost of labor.

The warranty applies systematically to purchases of new equipment, ordered after 2024 January 1st, and is valid from the date of delivery of the machine. See our warranty terms and conditions.

No more worries thanks to the warranty extension!

By extending the warranty of your machines, you benefit from reliable and well-maintained equipment. The extended warranty covers new machines for up to five years.

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